11/02 VP-100 wiring start

Tonight I started wiring the VP-100 Control Unit.
I have already created a load planning worksheet. In it you assign all of your power loads to different pins on the Control Unit.

I started with the J3 Power cable. The wires come in different lengths for different applications.

Each wire is stamped with its function. If it is dedicated, it has the name of the function on it, or the number from the load planning sheet so you can cross reference it. Power wires are red, ground wires are black and data wires are white.

The number of each wire is stamped on the back of the connector also.

I wired the flaps first. Pins 1 and 2 from J3 are dedicated to the flaps. I decided to replace all of the wire running to the flaps with the supplied wiring from Vertical Power instead of just splicing into it. I used knife edge connectors instead of soldering or crimping connectors because I have had to remove the flap motor in the past and wanted to be able to remove it again without cutting wires.

A couple of pieces of shrink tubing was applied and shrunk over each connector.

The mag/start switch was rewired next. The existing magneto grounds were left alone. The wiring from the battery was replaced with wiring from the Control Unit to the switch. There was enough wiring left after this to replace the wiring from the mag/start switch to the starter solenoid with the correct labeled wire.

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