11/04 Vertical Power wiring - continued

I continued wiring the J3 connector first on the Control Unit. I was originally going to show step by step pictures of each wiring, but decided it wasnt necessary. It has turned out to be a lot easier that I envisioned. Just run the wire to the component that needs the power, cut it the correct length and connect it to the component. The thing I spend the most time on is making sure that the wire is all run together in neat wire runs.

After wiring J3, I wired connectors J4 and J5. The wires that are loose in the picture below are either extras or havent been connected yet. I did not wire up the power to the KY-97 radio yet as we are replacing the radio with a new ICOM A-210 that can monitor the standby freq while monitoring the active channel. Some questions and options came up that we have to sort through before we wire it. The ICOM comes with two different backplates and connectors that you can choose between. It also has a built in voice activated intercom. If we use it, it would eliminate the PS1000-II that we currently use.

We reused the firewall penetration holes that were left after removing the vacuum pump fittings and the tach cables. These firewall penetration fittings were intended to be used for throttle and mixture cables, but they work great for wiring as well. Just cut off the long end that sticks out and smooth all of the surfaces. The center part will get filled with fire proof putty as a last step.

Al came over today and volunteered to hook up the Dynon EMS probes for CHT and EGT. This saved me about 1/2 day of work. Thanks Al!

The picture below shows the EGT fitting that goes is the bottom of each cylinder.

The EGT fittings go in the side of each exhaust pipe. The plane already had one EGT of cylinder 3. It was 1 3/4 inches below the cylinder, so Al placed all of the EGT probes at the same distance.

After connector J5 was wired up, we started on connector J6 (on right side of Control Unit.

The picture below shows the ground bus tab. There are 24 connectors on it and about half are used so far. Its going to be close as to whether we have enough tabs or not. All wire ties are temp fittings just to hold wiring in place during the install process.

The items that are left to wire on the Control Unit because of questions are:
ICOM A210 power,
2 Strobe power supplies (not sure how much power they pull each),
Roll trim (wiring from aileron servo does not have all 5 wires)

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