11/05 Vertical Power Wiring - continued

Tonight after work I wired up the strobes. I put the strobe leads across a battery and measured the current draw with an ampmeter. Both strobe power supplies drew 3.35 amps total. I put each strobe on a separate 5 amp circuit from the CU. I could have put them on one, but I had plenty of spares and decided to use separate wires.

I started wiring up connector J7 on the Control Unit. J7 is a 37 pin D sub connector. The trim controls all use this connector. Pin 13 of this connector is a 1 amp keep alive circuit. This is always hot and I connected pin 13 to the two keep alive circuits on the Dynon EFIs and EMS.

The wiring for the J7 connector comes with the pins already crimped on but not inserted yet in the connector. This allows you to make any changes you want. In our case, the RV-4 has electric roll trim but not pitch trim. So we can use the wires for the roll trim instead of pitch trim and just change the wire numbers on our load planning sheet and program the Control Unit accordingly.

Another option I am considering is to just run a power lead to the roll trim and use the existing wiring temporarilly until I can replace the wire from the aileron servo to the fuselage. There are only 3 wires coming into the fuselage now and there should be 5. The position wires were evidently never ran.

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