11/06 Dynon EFIS wiring

The Vertical Power Contol Unit is all wired up except for tidying up and testing each circuit. So today after work, I continued working on the Dynon EFIS wiring. The Dynon D-10A has one set of blue and green wires for the Dynon Smart Avionics Bus (DSAB) that lets you swap screens on the EFIS and the EMS. The EMS harness has two sets of blue and green wires for DSAB in case you want to use tie two EFISs and one EMS together. I removed both sets of DSAB wiring from pins 34, 35, 36, 37 on the EMS connector. Then I ran the DSAB wires from the EFIS pins 4 and 5 to the EMS connector pins 34 and 35. This made a neat installation without having to splice any wires. The DSAB wires are on the bottom of the connector in the picture.

The next step was to wire the serial to parallel converter box for the blind encoder for the transponder. The Dynon EFIS has a serial encoder output but it wont work with the Garmin GTX-320A transponder. Dynon makes a little converter box to change the serial output to parallel (gray code) so it will work with the transponder.
The converter is much smaller than the altitude encoder it replaces which frees up a lot of room behind our panel.

I already had a 15 pin D sub female connector on the transponder cable, so I went to Frys Electronics and got a 15 pin D sub male connector and pins.
The label on the old altitude encoder has the wiring diagram on it so it was a simple matter of stripping about 1/8 in off each lead, crimping a D sub male pin on each wire.

Each wire is then inserted into the 15 pin male connector.

The next step was to run the 20 ft shield cable for the magnetometer from the Dynon EFIS.

The magnetometer needs to be installed someplace where it is not influenced by metal objects around it. A suggested location is the wing tip. However, we have extended range fuel tanks and strobe power supplies in each wing and tip. We decided to run the wire back into the fuselage and install the magnetometer in one of the back bulkheads.


Jeff said...

great documentary! following every move as i plan to install similarly to my rv-8. question- why do you wire directly from dynon efis to ems? sounds like you are taking something out of the system (dsab). thanks, jeff

rvator51 said...

Hi Jeff,

The Dynon EFIS contains one set of DSAB wires. The Dynon EMS contains two sets of DSAB wires. This is so you can have enough wires to connect two Dynon EFISs and a EMS all together.

Since I only have a Dynon EFIS and an EMS I can remove two of the DSAB wires out of the EMS (pins 36 & 37) since I wont use them.

The remaining DSAB wires on the EMS connect to the EFIS DSAB wires. (pins 34 and 35 on the EMS connect to the pins 4&5 on the EFIS. To connect them you can splice them together. A cleaner way is to just remove the pin 34 and 35 from the EMS connector altogether, then put pins on the other end of the pins 4 &5 from the EFIS and run the new pins to pins 34 and 35 on the EMS. That way you don't have any splices. Does this make sense?