11/12 VP Programming and install clean up

Ok, I didnt get much done tonight. Too busy playing with the VP system. Of course, this is necessary training so its ok.
The picture below shows the settings for the primary alternator. Its on J6 pin 2. I named it ALT1. The circuit breaker has been set to 5 amps. Its energized when switch 1 is in the Up position. The little "p" means its the primary alternator field.

This picture shows the device setup for the SD-8 alternator.
It shows connector is J4 pin 4. The device name is Alt2 (backup alt, you can name it whatever works for you). The circuit breaker value has been set at 2 amps. The last numbers on the right show that the SD-8 backup alternator is energized when switch 1 is in the down position. The little "s" shows its the secondary alternator.

The picture below shows what a device listing looks like before you program any values into the fields.

I programmed the remote keyfob to work with the VP system.
There is a little antenna that you have to screw onto the control unit.
Then under the setup menu, you select Program Remote.

I tried the remote from about 1o feet away and it turned on the power as its supposed to. The manual says its good for up to about 30 feet and if you want a longer distance, you can buy a different antenna from VP to increase the range.

The picture belows shows the current draw for the field wire on the primary alternator with the engine off. I was surprised to see so many amps on it.

Heres the latest picture of the panel with all instruments turned on (no nav or strobe lights).
It shows 6 amps being used of which 3.2 is for the alternator.
I dont think I am going to have a problem keeping the total current draw under 8 amps for my essential bus if the primary alternator fails and I use the SD-8 backup alternator.

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