11/1 More panel work

Drilled the radio stack holes to No 30 and disassembled radio stack from panel. Countersunk holes in panel and riveted radio stack brackets to panel. Reattached radio stack to panel and temp fitted in aircraft.

The bracket that held the VP-100 was hitting the top radio stack after the panel was reattached. I removed an inch from the VP-100 support brackets and moved the bracket that held the VP-100 forward about an inch. Now nothing is touching.

I can move the VP-100 to the right instead on having it centered on the bracket.
The two pictures below show the different locations looking down on the VP-100.

If I move the VP-100 to the right it gives a lot more clearance but I lose a little access on the right side to items below the VP-100 like the brakes and rudders. However, the VP-100 can easily be unhooked and removed to allow access in the future, if access is needed. I am going to run these two scenarios by Vertical Power and see what they think.

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