11/08 Dynon Wiring -continued

Here is a picture of the Dynon wiring diagram for the EMS. The handwritten Xs are the wires that I removed from the Dynon wiring harness because they were not used. I did not install the Dynon amp shunt because the Vertical Power switch panel shows volts and amps.

I did not purchase the flowscan fuel flow sensor from Dynon as our airplane already had the same fuel sensor installed. However, I dont have the right connectors to connect to it. I will make a visit to Aerozona parts tomorrow and see if they have them. Otherwise, I will have to order them or cut off the existing ones and replace them with different ones.

The wires in the Dynon EMS wiring harness were long enough to run to the left and the right fuel tank level sensors.

I started building a small shelf behind the instrument panel.

A plate goes over the angles. This should give me room to mount the remaining electronic components which are shown in the picture below.

I have to make sure there is room for the Vertical Power switch panel in front of the shelf. The switch panel and control unit was shipped yesterday from the Vertical Power and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. After fitting it, I will decide on the final layout of the shelf.

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