11/13 Intercom Install

Tonight after work I fabricated a quick temporary bracket for the intercom and attached it under the instrument panel. As part of the panel upgrade, the plan was to eliminate the intercom because the ICOM A-210 digital radio has a two place intercom in it that is supposed to work good. I decided to wait on wiring up the intercom portion of the ICOM A-210 until I hear more user reports on how good it works. The RV-4 is tandem seating and the noise levels can be different front to back. The PS 1000 II intercom has separate volume and squelch controls for the pilot and copilot and works well. Also if the radio goes out, the pilot and copilot can still talk through the intercom. Had to stop woring around 6:30 pm for our monthly EAA 538 chapter meeting.

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