Right Elevator Continued ...5th day

Riveted the inner rib to the spar.

Riveted on the elevator horn to the spar.

Attaching the outer ribs that hold the counterweights to the spar.

Set the elevator skin and spar skeleton in the jig and started drilling the spar to the skins.

The inner ribs are too small to dimple normally. The Avery vise grip dimpling tool is a vise grip with the two mating dimpler parts welded onto the vise grip jaws. Works great.

Heavy rain on Christmas Day started pouring in the hanger door as well as creating a deafening cacophony of sound that reverberated off the roof.

Started final riveting.

The no hole yoke head came in handy to finish riveting at each end of the ribs where there wasnt much room.

The left elevator is test fitted onto the horizontal stabilizer.
The gap between the counterweight ribs and the horizontal stabilizer looks about right.

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