Left Elevator Continued...2nd day

Cut the aluminum from the left elevator skin to make the trim tab. If I cut it wrong, I will have to start over on the left elevator.

Finished drilling holes for stiffeners and spar.
I used the same template I made for the right elevator which saved some time.

Fabricated the stiffeners from 3/4 x 3/4 x .032 angle and drilled to skins.

Primed elevator skin and stiffeners and riveted stiffeners to skin.

Taped 1/8 in metal rod to bend in skin and used home made brake to finish bend in elevator skin.

Riveted left elevator horn to spar.

Started laying out brace for electric trim option for elevator.
Vans traced out opening on sheet of aluminum. You have to cut it out yourself.
Somehow I either lost of didnt order the plans for the electric trim option so am using the plans from the RV-6 to fab the trim on the RV-4 elevator.