Right Elevator Continued ...3rd day

A template was made from 3/4 in angle for the holes that need to be drilled in the elevator skin that mate to the spar.

The template was clamped the each side of the elevator skins and used to drill the spar attach holes into the skin.

A piece of .032 2024-t3aluminum was used to make the two bands of aluminum that go over the tip of the elevator that projects forward to hold the counterweights.

Since the tips are angles, the pieces look like long boomerangs until they are bent in the middle.

Ready for test fitting. Pieces were cut 1/4 in oversize and over length. Final fitting will determine actual size and length.

The pieces of the spar skeleton were matched up, fluted and drilled.

The elevator horn was drilled to the spar. Since the spar tapers through the full length, it was hard to get the elevator horn square. The edge of the table was used as one side and the spar was clamped parallel to the table. A 90 degree carpenters square could then be placed on the table edge and the other end of the square was used to line up the horn.

The spar was temporarally attached to the horizontal stabilizer to get the exact distances needed for the rod end bearing and ribs.

A sharpie was used to draw a line down the center of the spar where the holes would be drilled.
The spar was then inserted into the skin to where the sharpie line could be seen through the center of the holes and clamped and drilled.