Right Elevator Continued ...2nd day

Vans plans call for making a bending brake fromtwo 2 X 8s joined together by hinges. I decided to use my table top as one side of the brake instead. This would give me a stable surface to rest the elevator skins on. So I bolted one side of the hinges directly to the table.

I put an 1/8" rod at the skin bend and taped it in. This is to keep from over bending the skin.

Below is a picture of the elevator skin in the brake. The brake is about 4"s longer than the elevator skin on either side to use a grips to push down on. The actual bending was quite easy.

Below is the skin at the joint.

The next step is to buid the jig that supports the elevator while riveting the elevator frame to the skin. This is real important to get aligned correctily or you can get a twist in the end of the elevator. I had evidently discarded the particle board V-jigs when I moved hangers so I had to take a trip to Lowes to pick up a piece of 2' x 2' x 3/4" plywood to cut into 3 V-jigs. Fortunately, Vans supplies a drawing for the V-jigs if you need to make your own.