Left Elevator Continued..3rd day

Drilled electric trim brace to elevator skin.
Drilled holes at each corner of cutout and enlarged with unibit.

I used a cutoff wheel to cut between each of the holes.

Preliminary hole shaped. Now lots of filing and sanding and shaping to get it to final shape.

Since the bracket for the RV-6 is the same as for the RV-4, borrowed the bracket and motor from the RV-6 and used it as a template to cut the outer shape into the elevator skin and as a guide for the holes for the 7 screws that will hold the bracket and motor to the elevator.

Hole in skin was cut the same way as the electric trim brace. Drill a hole at each corner , use a cutoff wheel to cut between the holes and then file and sand to final shape.

K1100-6 countersunk platenuts are attached to the electric trim bracket .

Platenuts attached. Now time to prime and backrivet plate to skin.

Electric trim bracket riveted to skin and motor and cover temporarilly installed. Everything fits ok. Whew! I have to remember to drill a hole in the spar behind the motor because as it retracts the shaft extends backwards from the motor and will hit against the spar unless a hole is drilled for it to extend through.

Time to call it a night and head home to barbarque some steaks on the new grill.