10/30 Wiring the programming cable for the VP-100

The programming cable for the Vertical Power VP-100 comes in kit form. Basically, a coiled cable with two telephone jack ends. One of the ends has to be adapted to a 9 pin d sub serial connector.

Here a picture of the tools I used to rewire the cable.
Not shown is also a DVM that is used to check the continuity of the connection.

The first step is to cut off the head of one of the telephone jacks.
Its critical that you don't cut off the wrong connector as the wires are reversed on it.
VP supplied a color photo of the jack so you can identify which one to cut.
Yellow wire has to be on left with clip on top as shown in the photo.

Trim back the black insulation about 2 inches.
You should have 4 wires: yellow, green red and black.
If you look close at the photo below, you will only see 3.
That's because the black wire had stuck to the black insulation and I cut it off when I removed the insulation. So I have to cut off the rest of the wires and strip back another 2 inches of insulation.
The green wire isn't used so it is cut off.

About 1/8 inch of insulation is removed from the three remaining wires to expose the copper wires.

The exposed wire is pushed into the D sub pins that Vertical Power supplied and crimped with a D sub crimper. I got mine at Fry's Electronics for $26.95.

The three crimped pins are inserted into a 9 pin D sub connector into pins 2, 3 and 5 which I believe is a standard serial arrangement for TX, RX and Ground.

The cover is attached around the connector. Hopefully screwed together instead of screwed up.

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