10/30 Fab VP bracket , continue teardown of old panel

I riveted in platenuts for the attach brackets for the Vertical Power Vp-100. The installation manual says to use at least 2 screws to hold the VP-100. I used 4, one on each end. The attach brackets were primered and put aside to dry.

Heres how the brackets look when they are attached to the VP-100 Control Unit.

The attach brackets are fitted to their final position. If this was a new RV, it looks like it could be mounted on its side right against the inside of the firewall. This would free up a lot of room. However, there is already too much interference with stuff already mounted for us to use that location.

Continued work on removing all electrical wiring, breakers, switches that are not longer used.
The bulkhead just forward of the panel had to be removed because it interfered with the new radio stack.
The two pictures below shows everything removed that is not going to be used or tied into the new systems.

If you look at the middle right side panel in the picture below, the two Cessna style red rocker switches for power and alternator are gone, as well as all of the other switches. Everything is done through the VP-100 except we will continue to use our keyed mag switch. We ae going to have to make a cover plate to hide all of the empty spots on this panel.

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