10/22 Relocating Wiring

Today we started relocating the wiring and equipment in front of the panel.
We need to make room somewhere to put the Control Unit (Red box in the picture below). The Control Unit is the heart of the Vertical Power system. All of our electrical power will connect to this box.

We removed the vacuum pump filter, regulator and hoses from the instrument bay.
The vacuum pump was removed from the engine. When the vacuum pump is removed, it either needs a cover plate installed on the accessory panel to take its place or a SD-8 gear driven aux alternator can be installed. The SD-8 is an eight amp aux alternator that is engaged if the main alternator ever fails. See http://www.bandc.biz/SD8desc.html.
The Lycoming part number for the vacuum pump cover is 60430. ECI sells them for around $26 and their part number is AEL60430. The spacers for the cover are part number 68593.

We relocated some of the electrical components to make room in the bay.
The below pictures shows the VP Control Unit temporarily mounted in the bay.
The final location may change a little. We are planning on moving the radio and transponder up from the subpanel into the main panel after the Dynon engine monitor is installed and we remove all of the analog engine instruments.

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