10/29 Dynon EFIS and EMS installed

Tonight after work, I installed the Dynon EMS senders that came with the kit. I already had senders on the aircraft but am not sure if some of them are compatible with the Dynon EMS or not so replaced them all with the Dynon senders.
The Dynon senders included the oil pressure sender, oil temperature sender, fuel pressure sender and manifold pressure sender.
None of them matched the existing senders so had to redo mounting and connections for each one.
I also wired up the power to the Dynon EMS and took a picture with both units on.
The existing circuit breakers/switches in the picture below are all being removed and being replaced by the Vertical Power VP-100.

The two Dynon units replaced all of the units in the picture below. The Dynon units also have extra features that the existing panel didnt have as well such as relative wind direction and speed, AOA, TAS, 4 cylinder EGT and CHT monitoring, leaning function, etc. RV4chick is really going to like her new panel!

Tomorrow the fun starts as the VP100 Control Unit will be installed in its final position and the wiring of the Control unit begins.

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