Trim Tab... 2nd Day

The electric trim motor from Ray Allen comes with two rods. The shorter one works on the RV-6. The RV-4 takes the longer rod. I had to trim 1 1/4" off the longer rod.

Adjusting the length and interference on the elevator skin with the old trim tab.

I added an extra piece of .032 alumimum to the tab arm. It takes most of the slack between the sides of the clevis arms and najes the tab arm a little stronger. Not necessary according to the plans, but I am trying to eliminate all slop in the trim system that I can. It should help with the altitude hold.

A battery from a cordless drill makes a great 12 volt source for running the electric trim motor back and forth.

Tab arm is riveted to trim tab. Plans call for MD-42BS pop rivets. I was able to use AN426-4 rivets because I had not riveted the top of the trim tab yet.

Trim tab complete, installed on wing and adjusted for length.