Parts for Sale

I am going through the hanger and putting all of the un-needed items up for sale and will be adding items for the next couple of weeks so check back if you dont see anything that you need right now. We like the Dynon setup in our RV-4 so much we are going to do a Dynon setup as well for the new RV-6a.

I prefer paypal for payment and prefer to just ship to the continental USA but open to others.
My paypal account is

Never used RV-6 gear leg.
Priced at 1/2 of Vans price plus whatever the shipping is.
Ordered two new RV-4 long gear legs and Vans sent a RV-6 gear leg by mistake. We couldnt send it back as we had already painted it with a white epoxy paint.

New RV-4 undrilled Gear Leg.
Priced at 1/2 of Vans price plus whatever the shipping is.

Cleveland brake master cylinders removed from RV-4.
$80 plus $10 shipping.

Removed to replace with new Matco master cylinders that we were able to mount right side up instead of upside down as these Cleveland master cylinders were mounted. Dissasembled and checked the interior parts. Everything looks ok. Should probably replace the O-rings before use. They look ok but are old.

Vans 2 1/4 Voltage gauge
$25 plus $ 8 shipping

Rapco 211C Vacuum Pump and filter. $100 plus $15 shipping to USA. Working when removed from RV-4 and replaced with B&C 8 amp standby alternator.

Balmar ARS-4 Sophisticated microprocessor Voltage Regulator for externally regulated alternator. Never Used. List price $299 for sale for $125. $12.00 shipping.
Specs at
I am also putting this for sale on ebay in the marine division, so its subject to prior sale.

RV-4 Wing spars in original shipping box.
50% of Vans listed price plus shipping.
I was going to rebuilt a set of wings but ended up buying a RV-4 wing kit with phlogisten spars.

More stuff to be added later.